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4 e-commerce trends for 2022
consumers benefit from the growth in ecommerce as its convenience allows customers to find the products they are looking for. In addition, it offers the convenience of having access to thousands of products and options. In this blog post we will cover the main 4 e-commerce trends for the coming year.  Global e-commerce sales…
What is experience-based differentiation?
Experience-based Differentiation is defined by a systematic approach to interacting with customers that consistently builds loyalty. There are three main principles when it comes to Experience-based Differentiation: Prioritize customer needs instead of product features; Reinforce brand messaging in every interaction; Face customer experience as a competence. Customers have grown to…
What is a marketing strategy?
If you think about leaving the office building in order to continue a freelance career, we are in a hurry to warn you: the world is not that accepting of your freelance dreams. Here are several negative circumstances that you will definitely face with at the very beginning. Use our tips to survive
What is a D2C business model?
The D2C model is a business trend that has increased enormously the past few years due to the stay-at-home economy. In short, a D2C (Direct to Consumer) approach is defined by a model where a company sells products and services directly to their end customers without selling it via a wholesaler, retailer or any other…
9 ways to improve customer experience
Thinking about customer experience, also known as CX, is essential in any business. Nowadays, customers are an essential part of businesses and demand not just a qualified customer service as well as whole shopping experience.   Customer Experience, is the perception customers have when in contact with your business or brand, based on the result…